Vivekananda Ashrama Shyamlatal (Himalayas)

Swami Virajananda – The Founder

Swami Virajananda was the sixth President of the Ramakrishna Order. His pre monastic name was kalikrishna Bose. In 1891 he joined the first monastery of the order at Baranagar. As such, he was a close witness to the illustrious lives of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. He was initiated by Sri Sarada Devi in 1893. In 1897 he was ordained as a sannyasin by swami Vivekananda. Though his association with Vivekananda was barely for five years, its impact on him was nothing short of a spiritual revolution. He was to become his Master’s soldier. From the time of his sannyasa till he became the President of the Order in 1938, the stream of his life meandered through difficult terrains. Undeterred, he marched ahead courageously in pursuance of his spiritual ideal. from 1899 he served for three and a half years in Mayavati Advaita Ashrama. Later he became its President in 1906. Under his seven-year tenures the President, 

the Advaita Ashrama was stabilized, financially and otherwise. His memorable contribution during this period includes the increasing of the circulation of Prabuddha Bharata, the compilation, editing and publication of the complete works of Swami Vivekananda. The next eleven years he spent in the silence and seclusion of intense meditation and austerities. From 1926 onwards circumstances pulled him into the active life of the order at Belur Math, and from 1934 to 1938 he served as the General Secretary of the Order. in 1938 after being the Vice-President for a few months, the Presidential mantle of the order descended on him. He ably carried on this responsibility for about thirteen years, and passed away in 1951.

Short History of Vivekananda Ashrama Shyamlatal

Introduction–Ramakrishna Math and Mission

In order to propagate the life giving eternal principals of Hindu religion such as unity of existence, potential divinity of soul, intra and inter religious harmony, Swami Vivekananda founded a monastic organization called Ramakrishna Mission.
These eternal principles were practically demonstrated in the life of his Guru, Shri Ramakrishna a great spiritual personality of 19th century. Swami Vivekananda gave special emphasis on the unity of existence i.e. immanent aspect of God and potential divinity of soul. All objects of the world, sentient and insentient are the manifestations of God and by serving them through work individual soul can raise himself to the level of highest spiritual experience, and at the same time bringwelfare to the society.

In May 1897, Swami Vivekananda founded Ramakrishna Mission Association.While living in the society and doing similar work that the society does but with spiritual outlook, this monastic body of the organization forms a model, demonstrating practical application of this great ideal.
Foundation of  the Ramakrishna math can be traced to the day on which Shri Ramakrishna himself distributed the ochre cloths to his disciples and entrusted with Swami Vivekananda the responsibility to see that they live together and lead spiritual life and also do good to the humanity.
Today this twin organization has branches all over the world that areinfusing spiritual ideas and ideals into whole humanity.