Activities of the Ashrama

Vivekananda Ashrama Shyamlatal (Himalayas)

Retreat for Monks and Devotees

Besides his firm determination to live a detached life and remain immersed in deep meditation, Swami Vivekananda gave a shape to this Ashram making it a spiritual haven. This idyllic place seems to be tailor-made by Mother Nature for those seeking solitude, inner peace and spiritual joy. It’s is undoubtedly the place where one can willing lose oneself to nature in a spiritually charged atmosphere

Other Services

The Ashram has a well stocked library and reading room with books on scriptures, religion, philosophy, literature and many religious and cultural journals of our order and other institutions. Daily prayers and chanting are conducted in its beautiful shrine. The Ashram maintains an orchard, vegetable garden, agricultural farm, a flower garden and a small dairy, offering employment to the villagers. It undertakes many welfare activities in the fields of education, medical, social and other economic development for the villagers.

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 Medical Centre
Child Welfare
Spiritual Activities
Relief and Welfare

The Ashram being a place of pilgrimage, receives many devotees, guests and visitors during guest season March – June and September-November months.