Vivekananda Ashrama Shyamlatal (Himalayas)
All philanthropic and charitable activities need constant support in terms of funds. The Vivekananda Ashrama at Shyamla Tal is no exception. There are no government grants or aid to meet the ever-growing demands of the Ashrama and its Medical Centre. The escalating cost of maintenance, medicines, food grains and other adjuncts is becoming a heavy burden for the Ashrama. It is therefore proposed that a big corpus fund be set up, the yield of which would provide a permanent source of income for the Ashrama and its altruistic activities.

All donations to the Ashrama in monetary terms are exempted under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations can be sent either by cheque or demand draft in favour of Vivekananda Ashrama. Your support and enthusiasm in helping the Ashrama will help others and will be most appreciated. Besides monetary assistance, donations-in-kind such as medicines, food grains, building materials etc. will also be great help for the smooth running of this Ashrama and Medical Centre.

Vivekananda Ashrama is a branch center of Ramakrishna Mission located in the remote area of India Nepal border at the height of 4500 feet, in the district Champawat of Uttarakhand.

Apart from various other philanthropic activities like integrated child development program, the ashrama is providing a medical help for last several decades through a well-equipped allopathic dispensary.

In a span of 90 kms (60 kms up towards Champawat and 30 kms down towards Tanakpur) there is no medical unit. From the want of availability of jobs and poor agriculture, people are very poor.

Our allopathic dispensary has a well-developed pathology unit for hematology & biochemical analysis of blood; we have X-ray and ECG machines too. Malaria testing is done by advance technique using fluorescent microscope. The dispensary also has a dental unit.

Medicine supply, blood testing, X-rays ECGs and dental procedures like extractions filling cosmetic remodeling are done free of cost.

Recently we have started free patient transport services. Under this activity we bring patients from the main road (6-Kms) and after administering the treatment we send them back through our vehicle.

Poor people of this area are highly dependent on our dispensary.

It is needless to say that it is very difficult to run such activity in the remote location like ours. But facing all difficulties it has been carried on ceaselessly for many decades.

Considering the escalation of number of patients every year there is a need to upgrade our diagnostic system by adding some obligatory equipments.

Kindly consider following working conditions at our place which are different from other places.
1. As we have started a free transport vehicle, 50-55 patients come at a time. They are to be investigated and treated in 3hrs time
as they are to send back by the same vehicle.
2. If manual method for blood testing is adopted it takes 20 mins for one test. We are only two persons managing all activities of
the dispensary.
3. It is difficult to find a technical person at this place.
4. Since patients come from a very long distance 25-30 kms we need to administer correct medicines guided by blood test
reports, so that they get complete cure in their first visit.
5. Under such situation it is essential to have an automatic cell counter which tests 18 parameters of blood in just 2 mins
6. The ashrama will gladly bear the cost of reagents and maintenance for benefit of the patients.

We therefore request you to extend a helping hand towards the purchase of the equipment.

 S.No.  Name of the Equipment  Cost in lakhs  Utility
1 Automatic cell counter 3.5 18 parameters of blood like hemoglobin ,white Cell count Platelets are tested in just 2 mins.
2 Ultrasound 7.5 Non invasive technology to know the structal pathology of Important organs like liver kidney pancreas gallbladder uterus etc.
3 Automatic biochemistry analyzer 7 Fully automatic machine to do all biochemical tests High speed and ensured accuracy Substitute for skilled manpower
3 RVG 1.9 Root canal treatment.

Under act of 80 G, the donations to our organization are tax exempted.

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